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ABC of video memes

Curious about memes? I’ve written a column for the Norwegian weekly Morgenbladet about memes, inspired by the fascinating article: An anatomy of a YouTube meme by Limor Shifman, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. (The article in Morgenbladet - yes, in Norwegian) Hva: Mangelfull maskulinitet, humor og populærkultur er viktige ingredienser i de meste vellykkede Youtube-memene. Hvem: Limor Shifman, førsteamanuensis ved Hebrew … Continue reading

Yes, we can – watch politics at YouTube

Ah, I love the political pop videos on YouTube, like already famous Obama girl. Here is another one of Obame Girl vs. Guiliani Girl, and what about this prank :-) All produced by Barely Political‘s crew with foxy ladies. And recently, it is getting even more absurd. Did you know that America could be staying … Continue reading