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Nettopprørets begrensning

Internett-aktivismen fungerer best til å stoppe andres forslag fremfor å sette egne saker på agendaen. (Article for the Norwegian weekly Morgenbladet about the online debate about net neutrality and shortcomings of online mobilization based on the article by Herman and Kim)  Hva:  Studie av debatten om nettnøytralitet på internett og hvem som dominerer den. Hvem: Bill D. … Continue reading

Big data, big questions

Big data can potentially solve most of our problems, from diseases, traffic jams to environmental challenges. However, we also need to ask some hard difficult questions before we turn the big data hose on. I’ve written an article for the Norwegian weekly Morgenbladet about an academic article written by danah boyd and Kate Crawford, Critical Questions … Continue reading

Young voters, social media and political engagement

How are new media habits impacting political engagement among young voters? I’ve written (in Norwegian) about a Swedish research article with some interesting findings regarding political interest and engagement for the Norwegian weekly Morgenbladet   Hva: En ny, ambisiøs svensk studie ser på hvordan alder og medievaner påvirker politisk engasjement.  Hvem: Ungdommers politiske interesse blir positivt påvirket av sosiale … Continue reading

ABC of video memes

Curious about memes? I’ve written a column for the Norwegian weekly Morgenbladet about memes, inspired by the fascinating article: An anatomy of a YouTube meme by Limor Shifman, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. (The article in Morgenbladet - yes, in Norwegian) Hva: Mangelfull maskulinitet, humor og populærkultur er viktige ingredienser i de meste vellykkede Youtube-memene. Hvem: Limor Shifman, førsteamanuensis ved Hebrew … Continue reading

Norwegian researchers on social media

“Do you know if anyone has collected Norwegian research on social media?” That was a question I received on Twitter yesterday via a friend, and I’ve made a list to help.  For someone outside academia, it is hard to keep track of the research that exist, both because it is time-consuming to keep updated as … Continue reading

Velgerne vant årets digitale valgkamp

Det er mye vi kan si om politikernes internettinnsats, men la oss glemme det nå. (Denne artikkelen står på trykk i dagens utgave av Morgenbladet. Fordi man ikke kan diskutere på Morgenbladets sider, legger jeg den ut for kommentarer her. Apology to my international readers, this is an article I’ve written for the weekly Morgenbladet … Continue reading

Frp mangler nettkoden

Frp har ikke knekket internettkoden. Vil internett ta knekken på tv-partiet Frp? Siv Jensen. Foto: Bård Gudim, Frp (Sorry to my international readers, but this is an article I’ve written for the Norwegian newspaper Morgenbladet, about the Progress Party, the second largest party in Norway, and their paradoxical use of the internet in the election … Continue reading

How political are political Facebook groups?

Another blog in my little mini-series, Social media for social change.The two previous were about the Twitter storm that hit Moltemyr skole and the social media/fundraising event Twestival. We do know that people use Facebook for all kinds of activities, raising money to cancer sick children (started by the sister of a friend of mine), … Continue reading

Lessons learned from the Twestival

Another blog in my little mini-series, Social media for social change. The first blog post was about the Twitter storm that hit a small Norwegian school, Moltemyr skole, after some Norwegian Twitter users became aware of some anti-Darwin articles written by one of the school’s science teachers. Social media for social change (or if you … Continue reading

Twestival – social media for social change

Twestival in more than 175 cities all over the world – it is incredible! And all the parties will take place on the same day, this Thursday, Februar 12. I’m part ot the organizing group of the fabulous Brussels Twestival that will be located at Le Botanique. Hurry up and get your tickets! Tweet, meet, … Continue reading

The Gaza tragedy – and some online tools

The horror in Gaza continues. I’ve written about Gaza and EU’s inability to get anything done in my column for the next issue of Morgenbladet (out this Friday), and as I was writing the piece, I looked around online for different ways to offer some help to the trapped civilians in the warzone and get … Continue reading