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PhD’ing and a tech politics reading tip

A quick update to tell you that I’ve started a very exciting academic adventure. For the next three years, I will work on the research project Social media and agenda-setting in election campaigns (SAC). As some of you know, I started my PhD at the Department of media and communication, University of Oslo, in September. … Continue reading

Congratulations America!

Finally, Barack Obama is the 44th president of the United States. The incredible long Bush years are over. This can only become better. I’ve celebrated the inauguration by wearing my nice Obama t-shirt from my trip to DC , made by Chris Bishop. Here’s a few good articles and websites about digital government – will … Continue reading

The Obama icon on sale

Less than four weeks before Barack Obama is inaugurated as America’s 44th president, he is everywhere – in the American stores. I just came back from a trip to Washington DC and Mexico City, and was amazed to see all the Obama products on display in DC. Obama is the new guy on the t-shirts, … Continue reading

Obama, the tech candidate

Several of my friends have walked the walk from Hillary Clinton to Barack Obama for the past few months, and Anne Juel Jørgensen has a very interesting revelation of her process. Obama clearly emerges as a different leader, who has not only inspired the West Wing (Olav Anders Øvrebø has a great video and analysis), … Continue reading