Posted in January 2008

New Norwegian site for the Data Retention Directive

The controversial EU directive, the Data Retention Directive (in Norwegian, Datalagringsdirektivet), has gotten its Norwegian website. Check it out and inform yourself, this might become part of Norwegian law. This site is started by a privat person, Simon Eriksen Valvik Update: Here are some more sites that are dedicated to the Directive (Norwegian and international): … Continue reading

Why can’t there be a female EU president?

Everyone is talking about a female American president, but seems to have forgotten that EU has never had a female top leader. Why not? Because the male leaders are chosen undemocraticly by other men, says Margot Wallström, Vice President in the European Commission in a very frank interview in Times. Nikolas Sarkozy was quick to … Continue reading

Top 100 low carbon pioneers

Three Norwegian companies has been included in the CNBC’s magazine European Business yearly list of  “The Top 100 Low Carbon Pioneers”. They are Norsk Hydro (aluminium production), Rec Group (solar energy) and Statoil (oil). Statoil and Hydro have merged their oil and energy business, and they are called StatoilHydro. I think the list is a … Continue reading

Forbidden to use Wikipedia and Facebook as sources

Agence France Presse (AFP) has banned journalist from using Facebook and Wikipedia as sources. Here is what the agency’s London bureau chief told a Lord’s Committee Wednesday: “Pierre Lesourd said that internal rules that governed the entire organisation prevented journalists from relying on many new ‘virtual’ sources for news. ‘We have internal rules that are … Continue reading

Digital stream of consciousness

It is fascinated how your digital footsteps during a day brings your from one strange topic to another. The social bookmarking site is one kind a digital stream of consciousness, but since I don’t bookmark everything I read, here are some of the things I found on my way today. This is just hilarious … Continue reading

Professors are nerding on YouTube

YouTube is of course not only for the singing nerds in the bedroom or French tecktonic dansers. Now, the professors have also entered our time’s MTV, and they have fans from all over the world. I must admit that I didn’t pay enough attention to my physic teacher at high school, but now I can … Continue reading

The online search for Odd Molly

When it comes to clothing, women are willing to go a far stretch. And apparently, fans of the Swedish brand Odd Molly are more desperate than others. Just so sad to see that the Odd Molly-folks are not following up the chat going on online about their own brand. Before I continue with Odd Molly, … Continue reading