Professors are nerding on YouTube

YouTube is of course not only for the singing nerds in the bedroom or French tecktonic dansers. Now, the professors have also entered our time’s MTV, and they have fans from all over the world.

I must admit that I didn’t pay enough attention to my physic teacher at high school, but now I can follow lectures from Berkeley on YouTube in “Physics for Future Presidents” eller “Search Engine” med Google’s Sergey Brin! Someone has speculated if this is the end of the universities, since everyone can follow the lecture from the cosy couch at home. But transcripts are of course helpful when you are searching for your dream job.

At the end of this video, 71 year old professor Walter H. G. Lewin demonstrate pendulums. He has just dropped the ball to demonstrate how potential energy turns into kinetic energy. The ball stops just short of his face and he yells: “Physics works and I’m still alive!”
New York Times has more background on the cool professor and his amazed fans from all over the world (also Iraq).

Are Norwegian professors ready for the tubes, or are they already out there?

Update: A friend of mine from school, Jefferey Young, has made this excellent video about a professor, Michael L. Wesch, who is video blogging as part of his teaching. His video about Web. 2.0 is watched more than 4 million times on YouTube.
Thanks Mary for telling me about this.

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