Digital stream of consciousness

It is fascinated how your digital footsteps during a day brings your from one strange topic to another. The social bookmarking site is one kind a digital stream of consciousness, but since I don’t bookmark everything I read, here are some of the things I found on my way today.

This is just hilarious – Bill Gates on the last day of work. I never thought Gates could be funny (but he can of course pay people to make him look funny).

In France, Nicolas “Lapin Dracell” Sarkozy has suggested to start taxing Internet providers in order to finance public broadcasting. His suggestion is quite strange, to be honest. He wants to ban commercials on public television and organizes the French public channels similar to BBC. The lost revenues will be replaced by a new tax on Internet providers and mobile phone companies. “This could be seen as drawing on new technology to fund old technology,” said Taylor Reynolds, economist at the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development in Financial Times. I’m not sure if this is such a good idea.

Now, something completely different. I saw an online commercial for a Norwegian company, Stormberg, that has started to offer refund on their clothes. They produce outdoor wear, and for every piece you hand in, you get an amount which you can choose to keep yourself or donate to a charity. The used closed are sent to Eastern Europe. That is a good idea!

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