Why can’t there be a female EU president?

Margot Wallström says that “Everything that takes place like this behind the scenes or behind closed doors is not good for Europe.” Everyone is talking about a female American president, but seems to have forgotten that EU has never had a female top leader. Why not? Because the male leaders are chosen undemocraticly by other men, says Margot Wallström, Vice President in the European Commission in a very frank interview in Times. Nikolas Sarkozy was quick to mention former British prime minister Tony Blair as a potential candidate for the top job, other frequently mentioned are Bertie Ahern, the Irish Prime Minister, and Carl Bildt, the Swedish Foreign Secretary, as well as Jean-Claude Juncker, Prime Minister of Luxembourg. The lack of female candidates and the undemocratic aspect of the selection is also mentioned in this article today.

I haven’t heard one female name mentioned, which is quite amazing. I think it is telling when even Wallström, who is almost at the top of the EU system, has not even heard whispers of the name discussion:

“Where does this debate really take place? I am still puzzled,” said Ms Wallström, who joined the European Commission in a senior role in 1999. “It is extremely strange. All I know is that it is always men, and very rarely do you hear about female candidates. Men choose men. That is the disadvantage of this situation.”

Time to come up with some female candidates for the top EU job, as well as making the election process democratic!

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