Posted in February 2008

Free speakers get EU protection

Freedom of speech is a hot topic these days, and those who speak more freely than others (or about more controversial issues, such as Islam), can now expect to get protection from EU. Few days ago, I wrote about Aayan Hirsi Ali, the Dutch politicians who is living with constant death threats on her shoulders, … Continue reading

Freeconomics is not going away

Chris Anderson, editor of Wired, has this superinteresting article about “freeconomics” and why free is better for business. If you liked the Long Tail, this is more of the same.  This is my favorite quote: “But free is not quite as simple — or as stupid — as it sounds. Just because products are free … Continue reading

Newspapers suck

This is funny. A tiny Norwegian newspaper, Liernett, has asked young readers what they think about newspapers, and they answer – Alle aviser suger (All newspapers suck, directly translated)! Then the local newspaper Liernett decides to find out which newspaper sucks most – literally – with great help from a local science teacher. Take a … Continue reading

Obama in the West Wing

Several times, I have wished the reality was more like the West Wing. Apparently, the borders are blurring. In this article in the Guardian, the scriptwriter says he got inspired by Barack Obama after his great speech at the Democratic National Convention for John Kerry in 2004. “I drew inspiration from him in drawing this … Continue reading

Security fund for individuals threatened by terrorists

Ayaan Hirsi Ali, the previous Dutch politician, is the one who suggests this, according to the Guardian. She has been living under tight police protection since the murder of Dutch filmmaker Theo van Gogh by an Islamist extremist in 2004. Hirsi Ali’s outspoken criticism of Islam has resulted in several death threats. In 2006 she … Continue reading

Yes, we can – watch politics at YouTube

Ah, I love the political pop videos on YouTube, like already famous Obama girl. Here is another one of Obame Girl vs. Guiliani Girl, and what about this prank🙂 All produced by Barely Political‘s crew with foxy ladies. And recently, it is getting even more absurd. Did you know that America could be staying in … Continue reading

Pizza lunatics in the north

This is so crazy I can hardly believe it! On my visit here in Ålesund/Loen, I read in the local newspaper that every 100 NOK Norwegians spend on groceries, 1 NOK is spent on pizza from a company called Stabburet. Stabburet is situated in a fjord village called Stranda, not far away from where I … Continue reading

Useful for American bloggers/journalists

A legal guide for everyone who publishes online – pretty helpful if you live in the US. And now it exists, thanks to the Citizens Media Law Project at Harvard University. The guide is intended for “use by citizen media creators with or without formal legal training, as well as others with an interest in … Continue reading

The new public debate

Civic journalism, online communities and online debate is taking off in Norway. In a very interesting and positive way, I think. As I am living abroad, in Brussels, I’m following the development and discussions from a distance. I was involved in all those discussion when I was working at Dagbladet, and its good to see … Continue reading