Pizza lunatics in the north

This is so crazy I can hardly believe it! On my visit here in Ålesund/Loen, I read in the local newspaper that every 100 NOK Norwegians spend on groceries, 1 NOK is spent on pizza from a company called Stabburet. Stabburet is situated in a fjord village called Stranda, not far away from where I grew up.

Last year, Stabburet’s turnover in the grocery sector was 1 billion NOK (about 120 million euro), which is about 1 percentage of the total grocery turnover in Norway. Isn’t that insane? You thought that Norwegians were eating meat balls and salmon all the time? Wrong! Norwegians loves pizza, and particularly from this brand. The same article states that 83 percent of all the pizzas Norwegians eat, are Grandiosas. They are now offering pizza dough baked with spelt.

Italians, come and save us!

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