Security fund for individuals threatened by terrorists

Ayaan Hirsi Ali, the previous Dutch politician, is the one who suggests this, according to the Guardian. She has been living under tight police protection since the murder of Dutch filmmaker Theo van Gogh by an Islamist extremist in 2004. Hirsi Ali’s outspoken criticism of Islam has resulted in several death threats. In 2006 she fled to the US after the controversy that developed when she admitted she lied on her age and name in her Dutch asylum request. Now, she is living in the US, and has to pay for the 24-hour security herself unless a government steps in.
This weekend, she met with French philosophers such as Bernard-Henry Lévy, to urge EU to create an EU fund to pay for security for individuals facing such threats. She is now trying to get French citizenship. Other people who could need protection from a similar fund is Orhan Pamuk and Salman Rushdie.

I hope the Danish government is able to protect the Danish cartoonist who has experienced death threats for his cartoon of Muhammed with a bomb in the hat. According to a Danish newspaper, the recent murder plan was developed in a fitness center where the cartoonist exercises.

In a few weeks, I’m going to a meeting at the European Policy Center with another prominent Islam critic, who is muslim herself – Irshad Manji. She has addressed the need for a reformation of Islam. She is going to talk about Empowerment of Muslim women? Opportunities and challenges”.

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