Innovation and PISA from a Norwegian perspective

I was playing around with some red threads yesterday, and it occurred to me that these two things are related – PISA and innovation.

Yesterday, EU published a press release for the European Innovation scoreboard 2007 – a summary of the situation in the 27 member states. Guess what – Norway is doing quite badly in innovation. Norway is placed in the third (of four) groups, called “Moderate innovators” (read the whole report here, open the publication called European Innovation Scoreboard 2007), with scores below the EU27. On the top we find the “Innovations Leaders” (among them Sweden, Switzerland, Finland) and “Innovation Followers” (among them Luxembourg, Iceland, the Netherlands).

Then continue reading the PISA report (also available in English), an OECD project which measures 15 year old kids’ abilities in reading, mathematics and science. In the Norwegian report called “Tid for tunge løft”, we can read that Norway is below the OECD average in all the areas; reading, mathematics and science.

Quite sad. My simple suggestion – improve the schools, and innovation will follow.

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