Obama in the West Wing

Several times, I have wished the reality was more like the West Wing. Apparently, the borders are blurring. In this article in the Guardian, the scriptwriter says he got inspired by Barack Obama after his great speech at the Democratic National Convention for John Kerry in 2004.

“I drew inspiration from him in drawing this character,” West Wing writer and producer Eli Attie told the Guardian. “When I had to write, Obama was just appearing on the national scene. He had done a great speech at the convention [which nominated John Kerry] and people were beginning to talk about him.”

I especially liked this quote: Axelrod, now chief strategist for the Obama campaign, recently joked in an email to Attie: “We’re living your scripts!”

In the West Wing, the Obama character Santos emerges as the Democratic candidate – and went on to win the presidency. Will reality copy the West Wing?

3 thoughts on “Obama in the West Wing

  1. Amazing. I have been thinking about the same. I one of his victory speeches (maybe all of them, I don’t know), Obama said something like “what began as a whisper..” etc. If I’m not wrong, that’s exactly how Bartlet started his victory speech in the West Wing series… Hm, have to research this!

  2. Hi,
    Yes, we have been following this theme for more than a year, as well. If we continue to draw parallels between West Wing and Obama, the BIG question that remains is whether G.W. Bush will get the U.S. into a war that Obama has to inherit…

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