Newspapers suck

This is funny. A tiny Norwegian newspaper, Liernett, has asked young readers what they think about newspapers, and they answer – Alle aviser suger (All newspapers suck, directly translated)! Then the local newspaper Liernett decides to find out which newspaper sucks most – literally – with great help from a local science teacher. Take a look.

I don’t know this newspaper, but they have a civic journalism site called Aktive Liernett, which seems interesting, where readers can establish their own blogs, update the local calendar, discuss in the forum, etc. (From Mediefunderinger)

One thought on “Newspapers suck

  1. It’s amazing whenever I look up complaint stuff I get results from 2008 thru 2010 on the first page of Google. I guess either the complainers have given up since big corporations refuse to listen to people.

    I hate how most newspapers now charge for online access on top of your internet bill. I can understand charging for multimedia entertainment but just to read a basic print article should be free especially since there is little to no media on it usually.

    Heck many newspapers don’t even let Google link it without counting towards your monthly views. The internet since this article from 2008 has become even more of a closed garden.

    Hopefully it doesn’t become to the point you have to have a mobile device to view the internet at all.

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