8th of March for IT-girls

Living in Brussels, there are different ways to celebrate the International Womens Day, depending on your interests. Power Women attend this conference today, such as Condoleezza Rice, American Minister of Foreign Affairs. Women with less fancy titles and less abilities to start a war, such as myself, attend a “power lunch” with these people tomorrow.

However, this is the place I wished I had time to go to today, in order to celebrate 8th of March two days ahead. This is a conference for IT girls, and Viviane Reding, Commissioner for Information Society and Media, says that “By 2010 Europe will be short of around 300,000 engineers. The problem though is not limited in Europe but is international. To face this globally acknowledged challenge we need to attract young people, in particular young women to enter and stay in the ICT workforce.” Here is the press release from the opening remarks.

In order to attract more girls into the IT business, the Commission is giving some young girls the opportunity to “shadow” a female engineer for a day. Reding can even promise that “it shows that IT jobs can be very sexy indeed!”

Well, not that sexy, but have a look at the video yourself .

2 thoughts on “8th of March for IT-girls

  1. as Fellow in the IT world, i would luv nothing more then to have more women in the field working alongside me shoulder to shoulder as engineers. too offten the women i work with are project managers and not technologist. i think the field needs to have a sexer side exposed to attract new blood.

  2. Hey Bryan,
    I’ve heard there is a pretty sexy IT course called CCT at Georgetown University with lots of brainy women:-)
    But seriously, I’m convinced there will be more women in the IT business in the years ahead. As more women realize that IT is not only about Javascript and MySQL , but also about how people are interacting and communicating and how much fun it is to create something, there will be more sexy engineers in your field.
    Who am I to say so (a social scientist who wished I was an engineer) – I should have paid much more attention in my science classes at school…

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