One Laptop Per Child needs new CEO

The ambitious project started by Nicolas Negroponte, One Laptop Per Child (OLPC), is reorganizing, according to Businessweek. Negroponte says “the organization has been operating “almost like a terrorist group, doing almost impossible things” for three years. Now, he says, it needs to be managed “more like Microsoft.”

Negroponte, who is founder and director of MIT’s Media Lab, started the project in 2005. Now, he is looking for a Kofi Annan-look-alike to lead the project and who would “view the world as a mission, not a market”.

For more info about the project, have a look here and here.

Update: Here is an article I’ve written about OLPC (Norwegian).

One thought on “One Laptop Per Child needs new CEO

  1. One Laptop Per Child will never succeed. There are numerous reasons why. Kids in third-world countries will have them stolen for sale on the black-market or pawned for mind-altering drugs. When a part breaks or software malfunctions, who will fix it? It is a noble endeavor, but putting the money towards facilitating democracy, open government, and the equal application of the law would serve these children much better.

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