About EIT, the Koran movie and dirty editors

Some quick but good links is all I got time for today:

  • The European Parliament has approved the establishment of EIT – the European equivalent of MIT. Commission President José Manuel Barroso says that “EIT is set to become an important feature of Europe’s innovation landscape”. I’m curious to see how this EIT invention will look like.
  • The tension is building up in Holland. The Koran film by a Dutch MEP will not be shown on Dutch TV. Not a single broadcaster wants to show the film in full and without breaks, the MP confirmed Friday.
  • Upcoming blog conference in Brussels – Euroblog 2008, March 13.-15.
  • Upcoming conference in Oslo, looks really interesting- Go Open 2008
  • A very opinionated post at Mediefundering about Norwegian editors and what they get their hands dirty on.
  • A fantastic book for small and big kids – Pick Me Up (in Norwegian – Kult å kunne). Looks like a computer game and tells you why Iceland is the fastest growing country in the world, what is the similarity between McDonald’s and the Roman Empire, and how it is to be a boy (finally, the mystery is revealed)!

One thought on “About EIT, the Koran movie and dirty editors

  1. Hi,
    i don’t understand the problem of the muslims.
    I tried to find the movie but have not found it yet.
    It looks to me like the muslims yust look for some things to terrorize “normal” people.

    Gerd Gleixner

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