Canada following the NRKbeta doctrine

I’m back in Brussels after a wonderful holiday in the steep mountains surrounding Colle Isarco, Italy (a fantastic mixture of Italy, Austria, Germany, wiener-schnitzel, pasta, espresso, schnapps and picturesque Tyrol houses).

But just before I went on my Eastern break, I read that the Canadian public broadcaster, CBC, is copying NRK and will adopt DRM-free (Digital Rights Management) BitTorrent distribution for a major prime-time show. I got even more interested when I read what kind of program they are distributing for their world wide audience – Canada’s Next Great Prime Minister – “an annual competition in which young adults propose ways to improve the country in hopes of winning 50,000 Canadian dollars, attracted more than 1 million viewers in 2007.” CBC has some info about the BitTorent file here.

It seems like this thing happened much thanks to the highly popular techblog boingboing. According to the C Net article, “Tessa Sproule, the CBC manager in charge of the show’s digital outreach, is a regular reader of the BoingBoing blog, which earlier this month highlighted the use of BitTorrent by Norway’s public broadcaster for one of its most popular shows, Nordkalotten 365. Sproule was inspired by the Norwegian experiment and pushed for something similar at CBC.”

Does this mean that CBC is also following the NRKbeta doctrine: ” The only way to control your content is to be the best provider of it”?

Anyway, I digg the energetic NRKbeta blog (in Norwegian, but one of the writers, Eirik Solheim, writes a blog in English, where you can find much NRKbeta-info), and I’m really curious about the Canadian reality politics show, which I have just downloaded the first episode of. Keep up the good work!

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