Cycling in thin air

When I first pushed the pedals, I immediately regret, but there seemed to be no way back. I just had to cycle in thin air. It looks much more fun than it actually was:-)sykling5.jpg

This is me cycling at the great Technopolis – a technology, science museum just outside of Brussels. This game was meant for big kids, but I couldn’t resist it and had to try. And damned, I forgot I was afraid of heights…

After a little while, I figured out how to balance the bike and trust the installation (they should know what they are doing, these engineers at the museum).sykling6.jpg

The museum is, by the way, so cool, all kinds of activities for more or less grown ups, and much more impressive than Teknisk museum in Oslo (which I also like). I especially liked the area where kids can build and understand the principle behind bridges. It also great fun to try to run just as fast as a dog or an insect.

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