Blogging and SMSing – the Finnish way

 Finland’s new foreign minister is quite a character – judging from his blog. Photographer Pekka MustonenI’m especially fascinated by his pictures. Alexander Stub has been a MEP of the European Parliament until now, but he was hastily appointed new foreign minister after the previous minister texted himself into a SMS-sex scandale involving an exotic dancer, her sister, and a discussion about women’s clothes (it had to be a cellphone involved, since this is a Finnish sex scandal)… Another absurd thing is that this is not the first time Ilkka Kanerva has been involved in a SMS-related scandal, according to Herald Tribune:

In 2005, he was involved in a similar text message scandal when he was a deputy speaker of Parliament. “He promised he would not repeat” such a scandal, Katainen said, “but he did not keep that promise.”

The gossip magazine, Hymy (which I’m not able to read), broke the story about Ilkka Kanerva, and his is just one of several politicians who had to resign after sex scandals the last few weeks – others are New York governor Eliot Spitzer (prostitution ring) and Danish social democrat Jeppe Kofod (had sex with a 15 year old girl at a political conference).

Oh my, these guys are messing it up, how stupid is is possible to be! So many politicians in so few weeks. Is there a political sex epidemy going on? Or just looove in the air? Or a tricky master plan from the women to get rid of these politicians?

Anyway, back to Stubb. While in Brussels, he’s been blogging since 2004 (which is quite impressive), and if I’m not completely wrong, we will probably see him blogging as Finland’s foreign minister as well – just like the blogging foreign minister in Sweden, Carl Bildt (Swedish and English blog). I think that is great, to get a more personal impression from the policy makers (ex. take a look at this blogpost from Bildt today about Sweden and Nato).

I hope Stubb is not following in his colleague’s SMS footsteps.Photographer Pekka Mustonen

Update: Jon Worth has more about Alexander Stubb and Jens Petter Bonde leaving the European Parliament.

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