About Baywords, Obama as Muslim and a Norwegian EU blog

What a hectic week! Now, it’s the weekend, and time to lower the shoulders. And do some blogging. But before I log out (for a few hours), here are some neat stories I enjoyed today:

  • The people behind The Pirate Bay has started an blog service, Baywords, in order to protect freedom of speach (Via Hivand). I would be interested in hearing more about what kind of content they will protect that will not be protected other place.
  • Olav Anders “Undercurrent” Øvrebø , a friend of mine, has written an excellent piece (in Norwegian) about Obama’s comment on people in small towns in Pennsylvania, and how the story came about.
  • I came across two new initiatives to fight child pornography on the net, one by Google and the other by the Internet Watch Foundation. Great -keep up the good work and get the bastards!
  • Note to myself – remember to order this book – Access Denied (about Internet censorship).
  • By the way, did you know that 10% of registered voters in America think Barack Obama is Muslim?
  • As I mentioned recently, there are no .eu domains in Norway, but as Jon Worth commented, “It’s based on residence, not nationality. So Norwegians living in the EU can register .eu domains”. Here is one blogg written by a Norwegian, with an .eu domain – Finn Myrstad (Update: It seems like the blog is removed since last time I visited it. When is it coming back?)

4 thoughts on “About Baywords, Obama as Muslim and a Norwegian EU blog

  1. Yes, that’s the site I meant… We’re having a few technical problems with the domain name but it should be online at myrstad.eu !

  2. If you use fastname.no, then you can register dotEU for you. They put it on their swedish sister company. but you still get your dotEU domain 😉

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