Racing the streets of Brussels, listening to Vampire Weekend

Yes, I did it!

Finished Brussels 20K. My first race ever (except from the Icelandic 3K Kvinnalaupur I did in DC, where we were not allowed to run…). I’m really proud of myself.

Since this was the first time I ever ran 20K (I haven’t even done it while training), I was not sure what time to expect, everything between 2 hours and 2h30min – I actually ended up with 1h58 (number 11 396 out of 25 000)!

This was the song that got me over the finishing line, “Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa” by Vampire Weekend. Vampire Weekend was even mentioned in an op-ed in New York Times a few days ago, The Alpha Geeks (via AnneJJ on Twitter). Here is another Vampire Weekend goody, A-Punk.

My running group made our donation to this organization, Make a Wish foundation, that fulfill wishes for kids with life-threatening medical conditions.

11 thoughts on “Racing the streets of Brussels, listening to Vampire Weekend

  1. Well done! You must feel like a million dollars for the effort! Must check out your song suggestions for my long walks (don’t run, though perhaps I should).

  2. Your husband must be proud. In reference to the Icelandic race, Kvinnalaupur (the race where one was not allowed to run): I remember someone running anyway, and I remember that someone being you. And now, running under the influence of proven performance enhancer Vampire Weekend. Anything to win, huh?

  3. Congrats Bente! Especially on breaking the 2 hour mark. Great race! Can’t wait to hear more about it

  4. You are spot on, Jonathan! At least a million dollars (or preferably euros:-)

    Regarding the performance enhancer Vampire Weekend, I’m sure Vampire Weekend and the rest of my songs made me run 10 minutes faster than without music!

  5. Congratulations on running an excellent race, Bente. I am thrilled to be part of the same running team! Onwards and upwards…let’s look at the next race and keep training strong.

    Best wishes, Kim

  6. nice work Bente! this is a great effort, congrats! …guess Mindy and I need to start running so we can keep up with you in France this summer…

  7. Obs, Bryan, I was looking forward to slow days on the beach, I can never keep up with you triathlon experts… Thanks anyway:-)

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