Blogging on the radio

I was interviewed by Kurer recently, a radio program at NRK (Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation) about “Politicians in a Digital Culture”, based on an article I wrote for Dagbladet. Here is the podcast.

I must admit, it is very strange to hear my own voice “from outside”, so I avoided for a while to listen to the program (very childish, I know). But I have pulled myself together and I think Ida Jevne, the journalist, has done a great job in presenting different opinons on the topics. She has also interviewed Erik Solheim, the Minister of Environment and International Development (yes, look at that title, he has way too much to do!), who has made some podcasts with interesting people, and Dag Terje Andersen, Minister of Trade and Industry, who is blogging.

Jevne has also talked to Marius Eriksen from GCI Communique, and later, his colleague, Fredrik Johansen has blogged about this topic.

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