Posted in June 2008

Time to steal some ideas from Obama

Openness and transparency in politics is important. Very important. It gives indications of how legitimate a political system is. It gives us better possibilities to check whether the politicians are doing the job they already promised us they should do. The more secretive, the more suspect, in my opinion. New technologies are giving politicians new … Continue reading

Stories to read

Bissy, bissy days, very little time to blog, unfortunatelly. But I’ve read lots of great stuff recently, and wants to share some of my favorite links. Recently, I wrote an article in Morgenbladet about a new law proposal that seems to make EU less transparent. While writing that article, I became aware of these two … Continue reading

Firefox is in tha house

Yes, I have also got my Firefox 3.0 update! I haven’t had time to test it properly yet, but it looks good, is safe, free, is prefered by web designers and you can be part of a world record if you download it today – what more do you need to hear? Update: Firefox made … Continue reading

Obama, the tech candidate

Several of my friends have walked the walk from Hillary Clinton to Barack Obama for the past few months, and Anne Juel Jørgensen has a very interesting revelation of her process. Obama clearly emerges as a different leader, who has not only inspired the West Wing (Olav Anders Øvrebø has a great video and analysis), … Continue reading

Behind the scenes at the Huffington Post

Huffington Post is one om my favorite web sites/blogs (and right now, it’s filled with Obama victory news), and I’ve been amazed by the way Arianna Huffington has built up the site since 2005. I wrote about the site when it went live in 2005, and since then, it has more or less skyrocketed. Now, … Continue reading

Norway according to Margot Wallström

For those of you interested in EU, gender equality, Norway, blogging (what a strange mix, kind of like me…), you have to read Vice-president in the European Commission, Margot Wallström’s blog post, and even more importantly, take a look at the comments. She went to Norway a few weeks ago to participate in the debate … Continue reading