Norway according to Margot Wallström

For those of you interested in EU, gender equality, Norway, blogging (what a strange mix, kind of like me…), you have to read Vice-president in the European Commission, Margot Wallström’s blog post, and even more importantly, take a look at the comments. She went to Norway a few weeks ago to participate in the debate “Does the EU threaten the Nordic welfare system?” On the same trip she also visited the Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise, NHO‘s “Female Future”-project . She has written about all this, and look at all the aggression she has triggered!

Anti-EU and anti-gender-equality folks have united over there – but there are also some quite interesting remarks about Norway’s foreign policy.

3 thoughts on “Norway according to Margot Wallström

  1. There may be anti-gender-equality folks there, but there aren’t any anti-gender-equality comments.

    So how do you know the anti-gender-equality folks are there?

  2. Thanks for clearifying, David. It might have been more right to write anti-Margot Wallström-remarks:

    “Thanks to the Norwegian legislation, companies with only men on the board are considered with suspicion.”
    [Margot the threatener]
    Again, oooh-ooh. Suspicion today, penal servitude or worse tomorrow, eh?
    Many us view you and your kind with suspicion. Today.”

    And another one:

    ”Why don’t you keep your interfering snout out of other people’s business? I would be more careful if I were you. Someone might get round to the idea of shoving yours up into your fluffy little brain.”

  3. Hi Bente,

    I just re-read that comment about companies with no women on the board being viewed with suspicion.

    I know you can’t speak for Margot, but is it true? Who is suspicious about them – nice people who think good thoughts? Or the people who earn the company a living – like the employees, and the customers?

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