Stories to read

Bissy, bissy days, very little time to blog, unfortunatelly. But I’ve read lots of great stuff recently, and wants to share some of my favorite links.

  • Recently, I wrote an article in Morgenbladet about a new law proposal that seems to make EU less transparent. While writing that article, I became aware of these two great sites that are pushing EU to become more transparent: and – very inspiring for journalists.
  • I’ve followed the news about the new Swedish FRA-law. Here is an explantation of how it works, and another piece of why bloggers have been important on this matter.
  • Nicolas Sarkozy’s anti-piracy law “3 strikes and your out” is also something I’ve also followed closely. Now, it’s closer to become a reality in France than before with this decision. My article about the ISP’s and what kind (if any) of responsibility they should have, is in next issue of Mandag Morgen (Monday 23rd).
  • The last few days have been crazy in Brussels, demonstrating tractors in the street, combined with the huge influx of politicians and journalists for the European Council. Euroblogger Jon Worth is a great read about everything EU-related, and you can find some very interesting analysis of the “Irish problem”.
  • I’ve just started reading “Here Comes Everybody” (yes, it is a book…), looks very promising.
  • Weezer has a cool new video out, with lots of YouTube-heros (recommended by Andreas’ andedam). Have fun!

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