Thanks Odd Molly fashionistas!

One of the first blog posts I wrote, The online search for Odd Molly, was about the Swedish clothing brand, Odd Molly. Fashion has not been a frequent topic of this blog, but I’ve been thrilled to see all the unexpected visitors coming to my blog, looking for fashion news. And even more crazy, if you search for Odd Molly on Google, my blog post is the fifth option that comes up! It might be that some of you fashionistas got disappointed by not finding more fashion updates here, be here is some fabulous Odd Molly news (7 days old, though…) – my favorite, Helena Christensen is Odd Molly’s new face, sweet!

Reminder to myself – one day I have to write about some of the cool fashion blogs I’m following (ex The Sartorialist) how the fashionistas use technology. What is your favorite fashion blog? And what happened to the Norwegian fashion blogger Style Bytes, my favorite for several years?

Update: StyleBytes is back! At Phiary, a community of photo blogs (a Norwegian site?).

One thought on “Thanks Odd Molly fashionistas!

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