Posted in August 2008

The Kosovo/South Ossetia rethoric and old Europe

Problems for EU – right now and in the near future: EUobserver has a good article today about how EU and Moscow have switched sides in the retoric regarding independence in recent cases such as Kosovo, South Ossetia and Abkhazia. Do you have recommendations for good readings on the principle of “territorial integrity”? The European … Continue reading

George Orwell’s blog

This is a great idea! Some scholars at the University of Westminister in London have started publishing George Orwell‘s diary from 1938 as a blog (you can even leave comments). The professors have humorously enough include hyperlinks for words such as hazel nuts and white owl. The idea is to bring more attention to Orwell’s … Continue reading

Norwegian EU bloggers

The Norwegian EU delegation has a good article (in Norwegian) about Norwegian bloggers who are blogging about EU. When reading Norwegian newspapers, you get the impression that the EU debate is completly dead, but a little flame is still burning – online. Frode Dal Fjeldavli has also interviewed me for the article. The article  gives … Continue reading

Read what Barack Obama and John McCain are reading

Do you want to see what the American presidential candidates Barack Obama and John McCain are reading? Use this new tool from Google, Power Readers in Politics. The articles they are sharing are of course carefully selected, just as press releases and commercials are, but still, this is interesting. You can also follow other pundits, … Continue reading

Diplopedia or how to share information in an organization

When American diplomats can share information in Diplopedia, why can’t Norwegian bureaucrates do the same? Or let information flow through the intrapedia (I don’t know if the word exists, but the idea is to combine an intranet with the wiki concept). Diplopedia is the U.S. State Department’s internal wiki (not open for the public), and … Continue reading