50 ways to use wikis in the classroom (or in a political party)

One of my readers, Kelly Sonora, sent me an interesting link that can be useful, not only for teachers, but also for journalists, politicians and techpeople. At the site Smart Teaching, you can find plenty of smart ideas, among them a blog post about 50 ways to use wikis for a more collaborative and interactive classroom. I liked this one, among others:  “Write a Wikibook: Make it a class project to collaboratively write a reference book that others can use.”

As the Norwegian prime minister Jens Stoltenberg is figuring out how to deal with Facebook, why not go one step further? Why not turn Arbeiderpartiet’s (the Norwegian Labour party) program into a wiki? The Labour party has asked people for ideas and suggestions, as you can see in this video with Helga Pedersen and co (which is not very exciting, to be honest). They say that the process behind the party’s political program is like a work shop, and they are organizing conferences and discussions with numerous organizations, according to the Labour party’s web site. And you and me can send suggestions via email.

But hey, I would like to see what other people are saying (that way the discussion will also become more interesting), so why not develop the party program in wikistyle? By letting people edit the political ideas, I think the Labour party will find some new and very different ideas – even good ones!

2 thoughts on “50 ways to use wikis in the classroom (or in a political party)

  1. i am going to suggest that Mindy use this for her Team and Group call next semester.

  2. Great Bryan, I’m sure she can do something creative with these tools.

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