Linkblog: Numa Numa, Obama’s Wide Web and Twingly

Here are some of the stories I’ve enjoyed this week:

  • Obama’s Wide Web This is a must-read for everyone interested in politics, media, social media, campaigns. Washington Post gives us a detailed peak behind the scenes of the Obama’s Tech strategy. (via cnewmark)
  • Esquire with e-paper cover – can this work? I’m not sure, but an interesting experiment. By the way, how do you recycle e-paper? (via Forteller)
  • This is the funniest lecture I’ve seen in a long time! American anthropologist Michael Wesch is lecturing about YouTube at the Library of Congress. It might sound really dull, but he is a great speaker. He has for example a great analysis of the effect of the legendary Numa Numa video. (via Jonblogg)
  • If your are in for some heavy reading and interested in the state of media/journalism, I came across two pieces that can be useful (I’ve only skimmed them so far). Jan Erik Hovden has recently finished his Dr. Polit on Norwegian journalism and journalists, “Profane and Sacred: A study of the Norwegian journalistic field”.(Yes, in English!)  Torill Mortensen has written about the research. Jay Rosen recommends the new study from Pew Research Center for People and the Press, about changing news habits. Article about the study on Poynter, the report is here.
  • I’m of course happy Norwegian daily VG has also introduced Twingly (which links to blogs that are written about the newspaper’s articles), similar to Norwegian Dagbladet,  Swedish Dagens Nyheter, Danish Politiken, which Journalisten has written about. I assume many more Scandinavian newspapers will follow up and start using Twingly.

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