Norwegian EU bloggers

The Norwegian EU delegation has a good article (in Norwegian) about Norwegian bloggers who are blogging about EU. When reading Norwegian newspapers, you get the impression that the EU debate is completly dead, but a little flame is still burning – online. Frode Dal Fjeldavli has also interviewed me for the article. The article  gives you a nice overview of Scandinavian politicians who blog about EU, as well as other european EU bloggers. Take a look!

4 thoughts on “Norwegian EU bloggers

  1. Thanks, guys! A more dynamic EU-debate is definitely needed in Norway, not only wheter you are for or against EU, which is the common way of doing it.
    With a clearer image of who are interested in EU-related topic, it is also easier to interact.

  2. I am blogging about the EU from Denmark, please check my blog, maybe we could promote each others blogs?

    More debate about the EU is needed not just in Norway, but in all of Europe. 🙂

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