The truth about my geekyness and why I won’t buy new clothes this fall

I know, this is not something to be proud of, especially not among my nerdy friends. I’m not very geeky, even though I sometimes want to convince myself I am. Sci-fi, programming and playing computer games until sunrise is not my strong side, I’m more into the political and cultural aspects of technology. Inspired by Kristine Lowe (who has a great blog on journalism/new media when she is not taking tests:-), I did this test. And clearly, I have to boost my geekyness in the near future.

Which leads me to a totally different, but somehow linked topic. This fall, I’ve decide I will avoid buying any new clothes. I conferred with some of my girlfriends and asked them whether they tought this was a good idea, and so far, they think I’m a bit crazy. They might be right, and maybe I will break down next month and walk home with three shopping bags in my hands. Okay, let me explain. This might seem like my contribution to break down the global economy, holy macaroni, but basically, I have enough clothes. For a long time. And in the name of the environment, I’ll test how a 6 month shopping pause feels like.  I do of course have some exceptions (puh) – if I really need something, like socks, running shoes, stockings, etc, I’ll give myself permission.

So what the heck does that have to do with my low geek level? Well, saving money from not buying clothes, I can buy more hardware (I don not even have a iPhone yet!) and save the globale economy. And maybe get 1% more geeky. My husband (who doesn’t think this experiment will last) suggested I get myself this t-shirt if I lasted until Christmas:

(Via lovely McSweeney)

Well, this is going to be an interesting fall…

If Vampus (satirical Norwegian blogger who writes hard-hitting about politics – thanks a lot for the link, Vampus) increases her shoe selection,  (more than 60 shoes), my credit card will probably feel phantom pain from pure envy.

12 thoughts on “The truth about my geekyness and why I won’t buy new clothes this fall

  1. I am 100% in support of this. 😉

    btw…our iphones are on their way to our house as we speak…

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  3. As several of my readers pointed out when I posted the test result: it’s rather arbitrary – fun, but hardly the ultimate geek test (wonder what is). Not sure I knowing your Tolkien really is all that geeky these days, but if the say so… surprised myself with that result, but it belies the fact that many of people I know who took it, and got a score smiliar to or less than mine, are a lot more techy than me…. not comparison really:-) As for blogging, I’m glad you like my blog: for me it’s rather a whistful relationship – find myself longing for more and better time to blog most of the time, but I hear that’s a common problem for many bloggers….

  4. how are you doing on the purchasing? I have not bought clothing since you posted this…not made the pledge, but agree . . . no need to buy.

  5. No shopping, I’m proud to say! Feels good so far, but it might get tougher soon (I’m going to two weddings in the next few weeks, time to visit the dry cleaner…) I’ll expect my surroundings will eventually start complaining about my 2007-look:-)

    I’m excited to hear you are also in the anti-shopping mood, Mindy. Maybe that could be your next book, “The year I stopped shopping”?

  6. Wow that’s amazing Bente! When did you start? I’m sure you can do this. If you really need a fancy dress or anything, you can always see if you can borrow one of a friend.

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