Posted in September 2008

Racing againg: Climbing the hills of Versailles

It really feels fantastic, finishing a race. This time it was the Paris-Versailles race (16K), my second (here I wrote about my first), and I finished at 1h30min, which I’m very happy about. Churchill has once said “I hate to write, but I love to have written”. I do understand what he means, and it … Continue reading

News from Amsterdam: Picnic08

What a cool conference! Picnic08 (for “media entrepreneurs, thinkers and creators”) is über-trendy and fun, but also very useful. I went just for one day, in order to interview Clay Shirky about his book “Here Comes Everybody” (I have written about it earlier). I also got an chat with Ethan “big geek” Zuckerman (ups, reading … Continue reading

The Icelandic love for the Euro

When everyone is turning their eyes toward the global economic crisis unfolding with epicentre in the US, a little earthquake is shaking things up on Iceland. A warned earthquake, though. I’ve been interested in the euro/EU discussion on Iceland for quite some time, and now, new Euro events are getting attention on the saga island. … Continue reading

The ultimate wedding hit

I went to an amazing Norwegian-Mexican wedding for my brother-in-law recently that were situated in the mountains of Hemsedal, a Norwegian ski resort. It might sound like a strange combination, and when you add that 16 different nationalities were represented, you get the whole global picture. The big question is – how do you get … Continue reading

Car free day in Brussels

Yesterday was car free day in Brussels – a concept I love! The city really comes alive, and it amazing to see all the people everywhere, on their bikes, roller blades, strollers, feet. The whole atmosphere in the city changes, and instead of roaring cars, we hear laughter and chatting in the street (and once … Continue reading

GIJC continues – ABC of investigative journalism

I continue with some more notes from the GIJC conference. Here are my first notes. Nils Hansson from Uppdrag granskning (Sweden’s SVT) had an very systematic approach to investigative journalism.  In his presentation, called “The ABC of investigative journalism”, he bombarded us with do’s and don’ts, I’ve picked out those I liked best. First, there … Continue reading

Facebook as a film

You can’t get enough of Facebook? Or is Facebook “so yesterday” that it makes you puke? I’m still on Facebook and like it, even though I don’t spent so much time there anymore. But I got really surprised when I saw that Aaron Sorkin (who created the fantastic West Wing) is making a film about … Continue reading

The Google imperium is 10 years

I doubt the two Stanford University students could imagine the magnitude of the company they started in 1998. This year, Larry Page and Sergey Brin of Google can celebrate their 10 years anniversary. A interesting question is whether they’ve been able follow their own grand rule during those 10 years: “Don’t be evil” (Google’ slogan). … Continue reading