Google Chrome, sceptic Irish media, Banksy and copyrights

Good links for you!

  • Everybody (eh, not my mother) talks about the new Google browser Chrome these days. I will download it today, ars technica has a thorough review of it, if you prefer to get your Chrome info in a cartoon, a guy called Scott McCloud has already done the job.
  • Ireland’s media have become Eurosceptic and tabloid, according to a new report by the EU Commission (Media coverage of Lisbon). When I read the article in Irish times, it seems like the Commission links state owned media with higher quality and pro-EU attitudes, while commercial, privately owned tv – and radio stations signifies low quality content and anti-EU sentiments. At the press conference at the Commission yesterday, the press spokesman didn’t want to comment on the report. Is it that simple?
  • The British street artist Banksy has some amazing images from New Orleans that you have to see.
  • EU wants to increase the copy rights on musical recordings to 95 years (not 50, as today). A controversy has developed, since the Commission has ignored a study they requested from Professor P. Bernt Hugenholtz, University of Amsterdam, who concluded that extended copyrights were a bad idea for customers.  A Spanish colleague (who has a Spanish blog I can’t read, unfortunately) here in Brussels made me aware of this messy conflict. Ars technica has another article about is here.
  • Update: Earlier today, I was not aware that you could not download Google Chrome for Mac OS X (or Linux) yet (damn), but Google is working on it, according to this blog

3 thoughts on “Google Chrome, sceptic Irish media, Banksy and copyrights

  1. should be interesting to see if Chrome works more efficiently than FireFox… if it’s faster than Firefox, since isn’t IE, then i’ll use it

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