Car free day in Brussels

Yesterday was car free day in Brussels – a concept I love!

The city really comes alive, and it amazing to see all the people everywhere, on their bikes, roller blades, strollers, feet. The whole atmosphere in the city changes, and instead of roaring cars, we hear laughter and chatting in the street (and once in a while the angry shouting, not everyone is comfortable on their two wheels). I wonder what the pollution numbers look like on a day like that, compared to an ordinary “car day”. Even the EU district around Schuman is quiet on a day like this.

However, a Slovenian guy I talked to this weekend thought the car free day was a horrible concept. So dangerous! “You can’t walk outside, the bikers are going to kill you!”, was his reaction.  Well, we speeded a bit through the streets yesterday, so he might be right. But it was hard to follow this little fellow:

Udate: EUObserver has more info about the car free day.

2 thoughts on “Car free day in Brussels

  1. Also wrote a similar post about Sunday 🙂

    It was really magical day- the perfect combination of a car-free city and much needed sunlight!

  2. People think it’s dangerous just because they are not used to it… You have to *look* when you cross the road, instead of listening for the roar of engines.

    Oh, and inline skating around the petite ceinture is really cool. 🙂

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