News from Amsterdam: Picnic08

What a cool conference! Picnic08 (for “media entrepreneurs, thinkers and creators”) is über-trendy and fun, but also very useful. I went just for one day, in order to interview Clay Shirky about his book “Here Comes Everybody” (I have written about it earlier). I also got an chat with Ethan “big geek” Zuckerman (ups, reading his blog, I realize I delayed him for a meeting… Sorry!), one of the founders of the impressive Globale Voices (quality bloggers from all over the world).

And while in beautiful and creative Amsterdam and at the Westergasfabriek, I picked up some other useful stuff you should check out:

Zemanta (developed by Jure Cuhalev) is a plugin that suggest photos, videos, hyperlinks and tags for your content, based on what you have written. All of the suggested content is copyright cleared, either licenced as Creative Commons or approved by stock providers. I will test it!

Afrigadget – an blog about how to solve everyday problems with African integrity.

Fablab – a place where you (ordinary people) can solve and build technical stuff, and get help from experts around the world. Started by MIT. There is also one in Norway.

The Designers Accord – a global coalition of designers, educators, researchers, engineers, and corporate leaders, working together to create positive environmental and social impact.

Fransesco Federico had an interesting presentation about the miserable state of virtual Italy (Italy is basically a 1.0 country). You will find his slides when the conference is fished, he writes in his blog. However, he is mentioning two positive elements in New Media in Italy, the extremely popular blogger Robin Good and the social network Badoo.

Polymeme – a site that allows you to “to discover news from areas that you may not otherwise discover”. I look forward to test it.

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