Help me update the list of Norwegian EU bloggers

These last few days, I’ve come across a few interesting Scandinavian EU blogs. Recently, Percy Westerlund (who is Swedish) , ambassador for the European Commission in Norway, started his own blog, which I think is a great idea. He writes in his first blog post (in Norwegian) that the blog is a way for him and the delegation to contribute to a constructive and informative EU debate in Norway. I’m sure the No to EU’ers will give him a hard time in the comment section, but I think that exchange will be interesting to follow. I’m happy to see that Westerlund has realized that communicating and replying to readers’ questions and comments is a good thing – in the first blog post, he replies to a Danish reader’s comment. I hope he can keep up that spirit.

Another new EU blog I came across is Frode FJeldstad, who is Venstre’s (The Liberal Party) man in the European Parliament this fall. He is part of very exclusive club, only two Norwegians are working in the European Parliament, national expert Per S. Nestande is the other. Fjeldstad is located at the the liberal group ALDE‘s press office and will report on different EU topics. The Norwegian government keeps talking about an “active EU policy”, but still, in so many EU debates (Norwegians, think about Tjenestedirektivet and Datalagringsdirektivet) are taking place in Norway two years after the debate ended in the rest of Europe. I think more parties should do as Venstre, and have their own person in the European Parliament, which gives  political parties the chance to have an active EU policy, not just on paper.

Talking about the EP, the Parliament want to continue the discussion about the legal statues of weblogs, a controversial discussion initiated by Estonian MEP Marianne Mikko, who is also blogging. Jon Worth wrote about it here.

Here are some more Norwegian bloggers who writes about EU (inspired by this list, but with a few more names):

Boye Bjerkholt (Venstre)

Dag Seierstad (SV)

Finn Myrstad (previous leader of the European Youth or JEF Norge, now working at the Brussels Office)

Trygve Lehne (leader of Stavanger European Youth)

Heming Olaussen (No to EU)

Erlend Liberal (Venstre)

Elin Sørsdahl (journalist, TV2)

Paal Frisvold (Bellona, Brussel)

Liselotte Lunde (leader, European Youth)

Tore Syvert Haga (Youth against EU)

There must be more Norwegian EU bloggers, help me to update the list!

2 thoughts on “Help me update the list of Norwegian EU bloggers

  1. Not aware of any more… But I know 5 of these people personally which is rather scary. It’s a small world of EU geeks in Norway! 🙂

  2. You are right, Jon, there are way too few blogging EU geeks in Norway! Funny that you know so many of them:-)

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