New Norwegian blog portal

A Norwegian version of the Swedish blog portal Knuff is out, in beta version – Bloggurat. I’m curious to see if this site will spark the high interest for blogs that Knuff has managed.

I did find at least one very interesting piece when I visited Bloggurat, Hjorten‘s beautiful story about meeting people (and the ambulance story in Sofienbergparken in Oslo).

3 thoughts on “New Norwegian blog portal

  1. I have configured my blog to ping them. Will be funny to see if this works in Norway as it has worked in Sweden. I would have translated everything from Swedish to Norwegian before I went “public” if it was my project.

  2. I have also configured the pinging. And I totally agree with you on the translation, but just as I went to the site to check, they have actually come up with a Norwegian version (even though they missed one word – pinga:-).
    On their web site it says that they have automatic pinging of blogs, but if that is the case, why do they have so few blogs registered?

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