One week before election 2.0 – new tools

No, I not talking about the upcoming elections in the Czech republic, the Maldives, Lithuania or in Zambia, which are also taking place really soon. I’m talking about “that one”, the American one.

I’ve been following the Techpresident for a while, a great read for everyone interested in everything related to politics and technology, and from this site, I’ve found some other intriguing web 2.0 sites you should check out:

Twitter vote report – an effort to use Twitter to follow the Election 08. More here.

White House 2 – where people set the nation’s priorities.

Big Dialog – ask the president-elect, and hopefully, he will answer.

Apps for democracy-competition – build applications for Facebook, iPhone, Googlemaps etc that will make lives of DC citizens easier.

How much is YouTube worth for Obama vs McCain:

One thought on “One week before election 2.0 – new tools

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