Posted in November 2008

Europeana’s embarrasing crash

Europeana, Europe’s new digital library, crashed within 24 hours after the release on Nov. 20th. 10 million hits an hour drove the servers to the ground, according to the European Commission. Mona Lisa’s popularity is to blame. According to the website, “Europeana will re-open as soon as possible”, probably in the middle of December, according … Continue reading

Why I love Twitter and the readers of this blog

Have your communication patterns changed for the past year? Mine have. Enormously. And it’s an amazing ride. I got interested in the internet (and in technology in general) as I realized all the new communication possibilities, and how that would impact media and politics. This was back in 1996 (yeah, I know, I was quite … Continue reading

Digital hijacked politicians

I gave a presentation recently about social media for the Green party from several European countries, among them the European Green Party, organized by the Green Campus. You can find my presentation here. Plenty of interesting topics came up, and one of them was what Austrian blogger and web designer Bernard Schmidt called “digital hijacking” … Continue reading

Lovely links

Here is my quirky stuff from the past days: Looking for a new job? I wished I could work here (in New York – you have to watch the video – what a cool way for a company to present itself) (via Colt Kommunikasjon) Want to learn more about the inner circle of Obama? Take … Continue reading

Time for linklove

I just wanted to say thanks to some kind souls out there for linking/recommending my blog. I got a friendly email from a group of Canadian digital culture students from the University of Lethbridge some days ago. Apparently, they like my blog and has started linking to it, here is their Digi-Cult blog. And a … Continue reading