Time for linklove

String of hearts by aussiegall at Flickr

String of hearts by aussiegall at Flickr

I just wanted to say thanks to some kind souls out there for linking/recommending my blog. I got a friendly email from a group of Canadian digital culture students from the University of Lethbridge some days ago. Apparently, they like my blog and has started linking to it, here is their Digi-Cult blog. And a Norwegian friend of mine sent me a text message and told me that Astrid Meland (a previous colleague of mine and journalist in Magasinet, Dagbladet with new private blog), had recommended my blog in Magasinet. Thanks!

Update: More linklove (what is going on with people today – there must be some blog love in the air)! Dagbladet’s Jan Omdahl has a great article about blogging being so 2004’ish (according to Paul Boutin – Boutin’s article is funny, but not quite spot on. It seems like we are doing more of everything: blog, Twitter, Facebook, Flickr. If the blog is dead, I’m a ghost blogger. Long live the blog!). Anyway, thanks for the link, Jan!

4 thoughts on “Time for linklove

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  2. Boutin seems to forget the fact that all blogospheres don’t necessarily follow the american blog evolution pattern where the personal blogs gets drowned out by pro bloggers and what he refers to as “paid bilge”.

    Here in Norway, it’s still 2004…

  3. Erlend, the best way to get attention is to kill an ideology or an ism or history itself. And of course Boutin and Wired are getting tons of attention for annoncing the death of blogging. The good thing is that people start asking themselves – what is the purpose of blogging? Why do I blog? I like to read the answers. But blogging has already been annonced stone dead plenty of times, history is repeating itself : http://www.readwriteweb.com/archives/is_blogging_dead.php




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