Why don’t we have more Top 10 blog-lists in Norway?

I must admit, I love lists. Some years ago, I used to hang around at Poetikon, a Norwegian poetry site with quirky, sweet things, such at lists of more or less important things. This list (translated “Something worth living for” – push “lister” at the bottom if you can’t see it) I found using the wayback machine from 2005). I thought all the poetic lists were so inspiring that some girl friends and I even started writing similar lists and read them load to each other in a writing group we had, back in 2003. Morten Skogly, now at Nrkbeta, seems to still be the brainpower behind Poetikon. Morten, if Twitter existed back then, we would have sent the lists to you as tweets!Total Politics

But I was suppose to talk about other kinds of lists – blog lists. I just read a very interesting book about UK blogging, “Total Politics. Guide to Political Blogging in the UK, 2008-9”, supported by the APCO Worldwide, a communication company. As the title states, this is about political blogs in the UK, and gives us the top 200 UK political blogs, top 20 MP blogs, top 40 Scottish blogs, top 30 media blogs, etc. And the book is part of this website, Total Politics, where political junkies can go nuts. According to this book, here are the top 3 UK political blogs (all of them Conservative):

  1. Guido Fawkes
  2. Iain Dale
  3. Conservative Home

I don’t follow the British blogosphere close enough to be able to judge this list, but at least, these lists give me useful guidance when trying to orient myself among the political blogs on the other side of the channel.

And it annoys me that we have so few blog lists in Norway. Why don’t we every year have a best blog, best tech blog, best political blog, best academic blog, best car blog, best knitting blog, etc?

I was part of the jury in 2005 when Dagbladet awarded Gullbloggen to Vampus (in the article, you will also find the winners in the other categories), and one of the best things about a list like that, is that you can actually give the readers some guidance. Almost every week, people ask me for advice for how to find different kinds of blogs. Some are already into the blogosphere and may be looking for specific niche blogs, while others just want to start reading more blogs, but don’t know where to start.

The Norwegian blogosphere is small, but big enough to get lost. And the few blogging portals (Bloggurat, blogg.no, iNorden, Bloggoversikt, Bloggrevyen are helpful, but only to a certain degree. My best suggestion for finding blogs are other bloggers’ blogrolls (reminder to myself – update my blogroll!). Such a link trip will guaranteed give you some new blogs to subscribe to in your RRS reader.

But still, even though I have my favourites, Top 10-lists within different categories would give readers needed help to orient themselves and actually start reading blogs. Don’t forget that voting is good fun and it gives your publication lots of linklove.

So, who will compile the list of Top 10 blogs in Norway?

7 thoughts on “Why don’t we have more Top 10 blog-lists in Norway?

  1. Hmmm, I guess I have to revive those Poetikon lists just to make you happy! They where a nightmare to maintain, with tons of spam, but it was really worth it, the list you reffer to had over 1400 items on it, all added by random visitors.

    Unfortunately I killed all the lists when switching to WordPress, but I had a plan to republish them all as blog posts, and let people add to them with comments.

    I did republish one of the shorter lists, and added some CC-images form flickr:


  2. Beautiful, Morten! Thanks for making the list available again with those smashing CC images. I will contribute to the list when I’ve cleared my head from this election night (Obama got Pennsylvania – most likely!).

  3. Hi Hjorten, I do of course remember you from way back!
    Thanks for letting me know about Sonitus and Tordenbloggen, which I hadn’t heard about, I must admit. Will check out some of the blogs in Tordenbloggen.

  4. …and I remember that you said some nice things about me in an iterview with NRK Sogn og Fjordane way back then. Everytime I hear somone mention VamPus and Gullbloggen I think about that, and I feel just a little bit less bitter;-)

    Nice to see you blogging!

  5. These days, you must hear Vampus mentioned all the time, she is all over the place, so I hope you have shaken off that bitter feeling:-)
    Next time I get interviewed by someone, maybe NRK, I will try to sneak in your name, even though it’s not appropriate, just to make you happy!

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