Lovely links

Here is my quirky stuff from the past days:

  • Looking for a new job? I wished I could work here (in New York – you have to watch the video – what a cool way for a company to present itself) (via Colt Kommunikasjon)
  • Want to learn more about the inner circle of Obama? Take a look at this video from 60 Minutes.
  • You remember the crazy holographic trick on CNN at election night Nov 4th? This is the company that came up with the sollution, Vizrt, that apparently is based in Bergen/Norway, among other places. It was funny and different, but to be honest, what was the point? Or maybe this the future of work, where I can “beam” up my colleagues?
  • Note to myself – keep an eye on this company, Blue State Digital, the company behind Obama’s online campaign.
  • New online travel guide, Offbeat guides,  by the founder of Technorati, David Sifry. Seems like their servers are taking a hit right now…
  • Blogging is not dead, just growing up, according to the Economist. Time to get organized.
  • Great and easy idea to create interactivity with your readers, New York Times wordtrain (readers/voters could express their current state of mind with one word).

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