Why I love Twitter and the readers of this blog

Have your communication patterns changed for the past year?

Mine have. Enormously. And it’s an amazing ride.

"The Conversation" by Brian Solis on Flickr (with a Creative Commons license)

I got interested in the internet (and in technology in general) as I realized all the new communication possibilities, and how that would impact media and politics. This was back in 1996 (yeah, I know, I was quite late, compared to some usenet people. The first time I went online was in 1995, I think). But for me, 2008 has been the most media rich year in my life. Thanks to Twitter, this blog, Facebook, PB Wiki, email, Friendsfeed, LinkedIn, Plaxo, MySpace, Delicious, Flickr, which are the tools I’m using these days. I’m of course not using all of them heavily, then I would never have time to eat, even less sleep (8 hours sleep is overrated anyway).

I love Twitter, the microblogging tool that gives you 140 signs to express something. Several of my friends have asked me what is the point with Twitter.
I use Twitter to:

  • keep myself updated on topic I’m interested in (technology, media, politics),
  • get suggestions for articles/blogs to read,
  • get suggestions for websites to check out,
  • find sources for my articles,
  • to get help,
  • follow recent debates in the blogosphere,
  • get entertained by all the quirky comments of my Twitter friends.

And as a bonus, I also get to “know” some of my Twitter followers (only a few of my personal, close friends are on Twitter). I’ve only met a few of my Twitter friends in “real life”, and the most absurd encounter was when I was about to crash into fellow Twitter @astroeirik in the middle of a cross section of a busy street in Oslo. That proves that Twitter can be a traffic hazard, because I get very perplexed and happy and unfocused when I meet Twitter friends in real life:-)

I’ve had this personal blog for almost one and a half year, and blogging has become an integrated part of my life, just like jogging became part of my routine two and a half years ago. The feedback from you guys out there is something I appreciate enormously. It can make my day. It gives me inspiration. Sometimes it provokes me, but most importantly, it makes me think. It feeds me with ideas constantly. It keeps me awake at night. I’ve met some of my new blogging friends and contacts in real life, and despite the richness of the virtual world, meeting in person has its own quality. An amazing encounter was when I met Asra Nomani at the Global Investigative Journalism Conference at Lillehammer this fall. I wrote about her Daniel Pearl project here in the blog several months ago, and that blog post led to the article I wrote about the investigative project for Journalisten (Norwegian).

And I keep amusing myself by reading what you have searched for when you ended up on my blog. Here are some of my favorites:  “How to avoid becoming a serial killer”, “what teenagers think about the internet”, “are eu domains worth it?”. I can promise you, I can answer all those questions!

5 thoughts on “Why I love Twitter and the readers of this blog

  1. I am a bente-apprentice. I have learned so much by following, i mean trying to keep up with your communication footsteps…

  2. Thanks for your comments, Twitter-friends!
    You just made up a new word, Mindy! I’ll do my best to give you juicy stuff for your classes. Regarding being an apprentice, I pick up new tricks from you guys all the times, so it goes both ways.

    Nicolai, let me have a try on your question. I don’t think a .eu domain adds value in itself, but a .eu domain signals something about the location/attitude of a site/company – it signals an European focus. You could argue is there any point in choosing .eu instead of .com, I think it boils down to who and where are your users/custumers. For someone doing business across several borders, it must be so much easier to have one domain name, instead of national domain names, like .no or .uk. I could also argue that since EU had to give up a national anthem, at least they managed to keep the .eu domain!

    I’ve written about Norwegians and .eu domains here: https://bentekalsnes.wordpress.com/2008/04/08/why-there-are-no-eu-domains-in-the-land-of-otherness-norway/

    Here you can get more info about .eu domains

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