Will this phone change my life?

That’s the question I’m asking myself half jokingly these days. Or I could have said: iPhone, therefore I am. You see, I got myself an iPhone, even though it’s terribly late for those of you who are early adapters. I’m also aware everyone else is trying to kill iPhone, but I will give it a try myself.

Bente Kalsnes)

Grey day in Brussels, but I forgot that while using my new iPhone (Photo: Bente Kalsnes)

I stopped breathing for a while, but I’m still alive after giving my new phone a try. And it does look very promising, even though I have a lot to learn.

The biggest change for me is that I will have a computer in my pocket, instead of just a phone (my old one was a Sony Ericsson Walkman – which could have been nice if I hadn’t messed it up with some olive oil… It didn’t ruin the phone, but can you imagine how the pictures looked like?)

Am I the only one who think it is a bit hard to write SMSs with the iPhone? I also get provoked by Apple’s ad: “Twice as fast. Half the price”

In Belgium, there is no half prize, 525 euro is what Mobistar asks for. I wonder if Belgium has the highest price for iPhones in the world?

I’m also wondering if I should start using the Apple calendar so I can be more synchronized (or at least my phone and my calender, leave me out of the loop). At this point, I’m using the Google calendar. I’ve also just started to surf around in the App Store, with all the tempting applications, Mindy has written about the Movies application earlier. I haven’t even started to test out the GPS. I took some pictures today, though, from around Schuman here in Brussel, in the EU quarter. Horrible grey, I know, but that’s life in Belgium at this time of the year.

Bente Kalsnes)

Even greyer Brussels. (Photo: Bente Kalsnes)

I will return with some more iPhone observations later on. As some of you might have remembered, my iPhone investment is part of my  double nasty anti-clothes-shopping plan and pump-up-my-geekyness-plan (my Twitter friend Forteller will probably think I’m completely shallow, since I haven’t stopped shopping, just buying other things than clothes. He is right, of course). So, in this difficult balancing act, I’m inviting my Belgian girlfriends for an exchange party this week (conclusion: This is my week with new hardware and second hand clothes).

Ok, since I’ve written depressing things about Belgian politicians today and showed you depressing images from Brussels, time to cheer you up with some Belgian delights (via my Nikon D40):

Bente Kalsnes)

The incredible Pierre Marcolini cakes (Photo: Bente Kalsnes)

Bente Kalsnes)

Yes, you guessed right, this is actually beer. (Photo: Bente Kalsnes)

Bente Kalsnes)

But why the hack has that santa black shoe polish in his face? Pére Fourettard is supposed to punish kids who don't behave. Time for Belgium to get rid of this tradition? (Photo:Bente Kalsnes)

I tried this bike in De Haan, and I did actually manage to turn, without a wheel!

I tried this bike in De Haan, and I did actually manage to turn, without a wheel!

2 thoughts on “Will this phone change my life?

  1. My stepson just downloaded the FREE app – Shazam on my iphone over thanksgiving. You can let your phone listen to any song and it will tell you the artist and song title…randomly useful, but a good party trick.

  2. I just downloaded Shazem. We’re having a party this weekend, might be the right time to test it out:-)

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