The Obama icon on sale

Less than four weeks before Barack Obama is inaugurated as America’s 44th president, he is everywhere – in the American stores.

I just came back from a trip to Washington DC and Mexico City, and was amazed to see all the Obama products on display in DC. Obama is the new guy on the t-shirts, giving Che Guevara hard competition. I know this is not news for Americans who have seen the Obama gadgets for a long time already. But for me, who was not able to go to Washington as a political tourist on November 4th, this was overwhelming.

I gave my little nephew an Obama doll with a pointing finger for Christmas. I got myself a t-shirt from this guy, Chris Bishop.

The big question is – when will people stop wearing the Obama t-shirts because Obama the president have disappointed them? Hopefully, it will take a while. Until then, this is how Obama looks like – on sale (via my iPhone):

Okay, all is not change in the US, something is still the same:

2 thoughts on “The Obama icon on sale

  1. Obama:-

    The Social networking websites or Business Social networking blogs are increasingly changing and developing the Presence of the young people into the society, Mr Obama 1 great exemplo, have people like Mr Obama & you working for a better community!

    I hope that would help for a better future

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