The atheist buses stir debate

Bente Kalsnes

Photo: Bente Kalsnes

800 atheist buses are rolling in the UK, I’ve written an article about the campaign in Dagbladet (Norwegian). The debate after the article is quite intense, one of the commentators argues “Down with religion!”, another one shouts “Do you think there is a God in 2009?”

One persons says that “this kind of campaigns send a signal that atheists are a bigger group then religious people think”.

One just says “Go England!”

Fun reading!

You can follow the atheist bus on Twitter.

3 thoughts on “The atheist buses stir debate

  1. Actually “probably” is totally stupid if it’s an atheist campaign. Atheism means “no God”, not “probably no God”. It’s like saying that the “Necessary Being” is merely possible, but not necessary. They might as well have said “God is probably not God”. It would have been just as absurd. There is much much more danger in these absurdities than in any of the dogmas they are supposedly opposing. BTW, how about running one of those ads on an Iranian bus?

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