The Gaza tragedy – and some online tools

The horror in Gaza continues.

Bente Kalsnes, Creative Commons

Photo: Bente Kalsnes, Creative Commons

I’ve written about Gaza and EU’s inability to get anything done in my column for the next issue of Morgenbladet (out this Friday), and as I was writing the piece, I looked around online for different ways to offer some help to the trapped civilians in the warzone and get interesting info . Reading the latest war news make me devastated and frustrated, and in cities all over the world, people have demonstrated for peace in Gaza, now!  In Oslo, among other places, several demonstrations have turned violent and nasty.

I went to the support rally for peace in Gaza in Brussels last weekend, and the cries for Israel to stop the slaughtering were loud. Images of killed children were the dominant graphics in the demonstration, as well as demands for the EU to break the silence and do something. So far, no countries or institutions have been able to do anything to stop the two sides, Israel and Hamas, from shooting at each other (or rather civilians). Today we can read that the Palestinian death toll has reached more than 1000 people after intense Israeli bombing and war fighting on the ground. 13 Israelis have been killed.

Here are a few places online where you can contribute with your support and pressure for a ceasefire in Gaza:

One thought on “The Gaza tragedy – and some online tools

  1. I’m sorry if I ruffle a few idealistic feathers but Israel is a democracy and a legitimate state, while the Hamas-led Palestine is not. Is anyone really deluded enough not to see that the conflict was inevitable? Yes, perhaps the people at Amnesia International.

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