Artist poking fun at EU

Finally some fun controversy in the EU. All created by a huge installation in the EC Council, called Entropa, made by the Czech artist David Cerny (warning: Crazy website).

The idea was to portray stereotypes of the 27 different member countries, made by 27 different artist from each of the member countries. Apparently, Cerny changed his mind and did all the stereotype himself (and cashed in the 50 000 euros alone). And it is actually funny, here are some picture I took today (I should have had a bigger camera, this is taken with my iPhone):


Bulgaria has demanded that the installation be removed because, as they argue, “we are not Europe’s toilet”. Romania is portrayed as a Dracula theme-park, Denmark as made of Lego, Sweden is wrapped in an Ikea box, the Netherlands as a flooded land with minarets sticking up from the water, Britain is totally missing…

When I went over to the Council today, there were lots of people, poking, laughing, holding their hand to the mouth – in other words, amusement. photo9

The Czech republic has had a rough start on it’s presidency (yes, I miss Sarkozy), Prime Minister Mirek Topolanek has already (only 15 days into the presidency) made several gaffes (“Israel has a right to defend itself” about the slaughters in Gaza), recently in Strasbourg; “Worse than Nice” (about the Lisbon treaty).

But if Topolanek bends over from Bulgarian pressure and removes the installation, the gaffe list grows longer.

More reactions here, here and here.

3 thoughts on “Artist poking fun at EU

  1. cool.
    Du you have more pictures of the installation?
    I’d love to see all the countries in their arty pomp and glory.

  2. You can find the official images of each countries in the pdf document at the end of this site

  3. It’s not great art, to be sure, but anyway it was high time someone ridiculed this pompous and artificial “community” we call the EU. It also shows how the different nations have nothing much in common beyond certain institutions and companies like Ikea or Lego.

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