Congratulations America!

 Obama on the white unicorn and me

Obama on the white unicorn and me

Finally, Barack Obama is the 44th president of the United States. The incredible long Bush years are over. This can only become better. I’ve celebrated the inauguration by wearing my nice Obama t-shirt from my trip to DC , made by Chris Bishop.

Here’s a few good articles and websites about digital government – will Obama follow these advices?

The first blog post from the White House.

The wired presidency: Can Obama really reboot the White House?

Stop the posturing about Gov 2.0 and do it already


7 online things to do to help Obama restore America

I loved the idea behind Obama’s Citizen’s briefing book

Update:  A friend of mine, Ketil Raknes, is doing gonzo journalism during the inauguration in Washington DC. Enjoy!

4 thoughts on “Congratulations America!

  1. Love the shirt, and love how the entire world seems to be excited about Barack !

  2. Oh happy day! DC is spectacular today. You look fantastic in that shirt! Thank you Norway for celebrating with us!

  3. Thanks, girls!
    Amazing to see Barack and Michelle walking in the parade today.
    I followed your link Abby, so cool to see your PBS site. I recognized the Obama face from my t-shirt:-)

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