25 years with Mac

Photo Wikimedia

Photo Wikimedia

“On January 1984, Apple Computer  will introduce the Macintosh. And you’ll see why 1984 won’t be like “1984”.

Those were the words Apple used to introduce their now world famous Macintosh 128K in this video by Ridley Scott:

I was never the owner of this little beige treasure, back in 1984 I had very little interest in computers. But the brilliant author Douglas Coupland understood what this was all about, and in the latest issue of Intelligent Life (Economist magazine – damn the article is not online!!!), he has this excellent article, “The Mac at 25”.

Ah, it irritates me that it’s not online, but anyway, I will give you some of the highlights (after all, Coupland is the master of one liners):

“This inniate friendlines and antrophomorphicity is something other computers have yet to acchieve. It’s what makes Mac an icon, not just another appliance.”

“It’s an interesting measure of how for we’ve come as a society that we have normalised the word “geek” into our language. In 1984 a geek technically meant someone who bites the head off chickens in a travelling circus. Now it defines a person who rules the world.”

“My particular instrument of self-torture was an IBM Selectric… with auto-erase”.

“We’ve all been in situations where we’ve had to piggyback on someone else’s computer for an afternoon or perhaps use the hotel’s business centre and we’ve had to use the system opposite to the one we’re used to. This PC intrusion happens to me once a year or so, and when it does, I look at the keyboard, I look at the screen, and in a flash I know what it must be like to have a stroke.”

“These days you really, really have to work hard and do outrageous things to crash a Mac.”

Well, happy 25! I look forward to the next 25 (written on a Macbook)

5 thoughts on “25 years with Mac

  1. So what was your first Mac…? I had a LCII in 1994, so I’ve been with them for 15 of the 25 years so far. After that it was an iMac on the first day it was released in 1998, then a slot loading green iMac, then an iBook, then a Powerbook G4, then an aluminium iMac and – soon – a new Macbook… 🙂

  2. I’m happy you misunderstood me and thought I was much more geeky than I actually am!
    I meant the world has had the Macintosh 128K around for 25 year, I never owned one. I got my first Macbook in 2005, but I started using Mac at work in 1997. Like Coupland, I feel like I’m having a stroke when I use a PC.

  3. Cracked up laughing when I saw the picture. This was the very speciman that I took my first computer class on in 11th grade. Can’t wait for Coupland’s article to post…I always recommend “All families are psychotic” as a must read for my students.

  4. When I read Jobs speach, I wanted to quit my day job immediately and crank up a company in my garage. Then I remembered that I’m a freelancer and I’m more or less working in my garage (at least in my house).

    He says: Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish
    I say: Amen.

    When I’m sick and tired of Web 3.0, I’ll dig up that speech again and remind myself why I love these things.

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